Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thank god for Ebay

The belly glass and the play field glass were not illuminated corner to corner and were somewhat dim. I decided to replace the bulbs, so I went out last night and purchased 2 F8T5 fluorescent bulbs from wal-mart.

After installing the play field bulb I realized the bulbs were quite a bit dimmer and have a more yellow color temperature than the original. I decided to hop on ebay and see what kind of options were available as far as F8T5 bulbs were available. I noticed that they sell "black light" tubes in this form factor.

One possiblity that I'm looking at now is to have a black light in the play field and use colors on the reels and play field that glow under blacklight.

While I was on Ebay I bought a set of 50 wedge bulbs for $14. I also bought an IGT S+ arm for $19.99, and a set of IGT buttons for $12.99. I will post pics as well as installation pics when everything arrrives

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