Friday, July 10, 2009


Welcome to my blog!!! This Blog is setup as a way to document the modifications that I intend to do to one of my pachislo machines.

A few weeks back I purchased a "Mr. Magic" pachislo machine from a user on craigslist for $65. I brought it home and cleaned it up. Everything on it worked fine, however it needed a little bit of TLC. The machine had been sitting in the guy's basement for a few years and needed some deep cleaning. I grabbed some orange cleaner and some paper towels and got to work. I was getting into every nook and cranny , and even started pulling some of it apart to clean it. That is when inspiration struck and I decided to make this pachislo my project.

I have owned a different pachislo , "Sindbad Adventure", for a few years now. It was fairly expensive and rather high tech. I dared not mess about with it for fears of breaking it, besides, I like it just the way it is. So I do know a bit about them.

I had read on various forums of people modifying their pachislos to varying extents, and had always felt that it was pretty cool. The information however is spread out, and I have never seen a complete , from start to finish modification how-to. That is what I intend to do in this blog. I will post EVERTHING I do , and how I do it. I will post things that work, and things that don't work. I will post ideas and thoughts, and will accept ideas from others as well. I will also keep a running tab of costs, and answer any questions any one may have.

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